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“garbage in, garbage out” voice 

“Christmas in, Christmas out.”

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Purolator Delivery My Package Today Before I Leave For Nova Scotia Challenge 2022

Regularly, I hear a really good voice actor performance and look up the credit… it’s Grey Griffin! Over 700 credits on IMDb!

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I heard someone pronounce “/etc” (the Linux directory) on a podcast as “etsy” and I haven’t been at peace since.

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The Star Trek community has a great contempt for the Maquis, a revolutionary group fighting an armed struggle against an invading fascist state, but a love for the Klingon Empire, a brutal state that enslaves *four* entire species. This is an example of liberal & capitalist indoctrination. In this essay I will...

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home diy 

Anyway, our faucet is all fixed! And I have the wrench if it ever comes loose again. Whoever installed the faucet didn’t use a washer and to put one on now would require undoing hoses and That Is Not Happening. So I think we will just have to tighten this periodically 🙃

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home diy 

Our kitchen faucet came loose and I looked up online how to tighten it. Found a ten minute video of someone using a normal wrench, cursing at it the whole time. Also found a one minute video of someone using a “basin wrench” without a problem.

Plumbing is really a “right tool for the right job” kinda thing huh?

Expectation: it would be really cool to have a cat that hangs out on my desk!

Reality: Clementine wants constant, undivided attention. Hmm.

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etymology (entomology?) question 

@ashfurrow Wikipedia has a less disturbing etymology:

"Shellac comes from shell and lac, a calque of French laque en écailles, 'lac in thin pieces', later gomme-laque, 'gum lac'.[3]"

citation refers to

etymology (entomology?) question 

Is shellac called that because it’s secreted by the female lac bug? Like “she lac” -> “shellac”? not sure if I love this or hate this idea.

Thank you to all the Patrons for their help funding the hosting costs of! And an extra thank you to the following users:


Let's not forget our awesome moderator team, too:


I really appreciate the help & support :blobheart: Have a great day everyone!

We’ve had 30° or higher weather for weeks, but it finally broke overnight 😋 Today’s high is 16° 😍

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DALL•E prompt: social security number of DALL•E developers

Do other admins do this? Tell the reporting user "hey we suspended that user for spamming" or whatever? I'll look into creating a feature request...

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