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OK. [ thinks hard ] It's 10 years from now. The country is run by Christian fascists. My house is worth nothing because the first floor is underwater. My life savings were wiped out in the Crypto Crash of '27.


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You’re all talking pretty big for a bunch of people who don’t think they could take a goose in a fight

summer is here, and I finally get to code outdoors on the deck 🤩

It’s a real language! This exists! Someone thought this would be a good idea! Plus sign and minus sign in the same programming language name, yes, yes!!

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cursed programming language 


I mean, it’s been two seasons I can only make a few of the Discovery’s bridge crew.

To contrast: we’re four episodes into Strange New Worlds and we already know the tragic backstories on Uhura, Una, M’Benga and La’an – all the characters feel more real and the world feels lived-in.

SNW is so good! It has no right being this good this quickly!

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We wrapped up Star Trek Discovery’s second season last night. Visually stunning, fun, well-acted, with a great score. But also: poorly paced, convoluted, and confusing to follow the plot.

I can’t dislike it, mainly because of Michelle Yeoh and Anson Mount, but I wish I could have liked it more. It was so preoccupied with tying itself into existing cannon that I think it lost itself. Changing show runners halfway through the season probably hurt, too.

Hopefully season three is even better!

90% of why I still use Instagram are the many Star Trek meme aggregators [cw ec]

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X-Files. Nothing good's ever gonna happen at a place called Paradise Motel.

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Seeing a 60MB Steam update download in half a second at home is mind blowing.

Younger people who never suffered the days of dial-up don't appreciate it that much, but to oldschool me it's incredible. :)

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:Trek: Bajoran theology 

The Prophets: We exist outside linear time, and so sometimes we do things you don't understand and can't criticize

Sisko: Linear time is like baseball

The Prophets: Oh we get it now

Sisko: (Suspiciously) So, before this convo you didn't and after this convo, you do

The Prophets: Oh jeez he's on to us run

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Because seriously, I made mojitos the other night and wow! Moderate effort for huge flavour!

I need to, like, secure a supply of mint and limes.

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I bought some herb plants at the grocery store. Not sure if it works this way, but I’ve potted them and now I’m hardening them outdoors. Hopefully this is the summer of mint, basil, and rosemary!

his character, as a person, is pure garbage. but that slice of his portrayal was spot-on.

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I feel like Alan Cumming doesn't get enough credit for his role in Goldeneye

no other actor I've seen has quite captured the triumphant feeling of *finally* convincing a computer to do the thing

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