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star trek, 420 

supposition 1: Neelix DEFINITELY smoked weed

supposition 2: Tuvok would NEVER smoke weed

query: did Tuvix smoke weed?

I’m assuming it’s GA Tech based on the email addresses they use, but, they could be anyone. Not that I give security researchers the benefit of any doubt, anymore.

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Mmm. The password researchers at Georgia Tech have began another wave of bot sign-ups on m.t. In the “why do you want to join?” field they all have the same excerpt of lorem ipsum.

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“While being an extremely broad generalist can work, it's gotten much harder to ‘know a bit of everything’ and be effective because there's more of everything over time (in terms of both breadth and depth).”

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NFT Replicas

NFT replicas

nft replicas



today was great, but also a lot. time to curl up with a video game and a star trek podcast.

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I've been an admin and moderator for for nearly five years now (😱). A good enough reason as any to reflect on the Good/Bad/Ugly aspects of community management.

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Good that they are deleting the data, although after this and the Minnesota Linux bug introduction mess I do wonder if there are any more studies like these just waiting in the wings. 🙄
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An update about our privacy rights study and how we are acting on the feedback that we have received.

Sorry for being behind on these shout-outs this month – things have been busy 😅

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A big holiday "thank you!" to all the Patrons for their help funding the hosting costs of! :su_star: And an extra thank you to the following users:


We've got a great mod team, too:


I really appreciate the help & support. Have a great day everyone! :blobcatfingerguns:

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Well I've heard there was a secret orb
that David pondered and pleased the Lord

we’ve got company coming for Christmas so we cleaned up the house early, that way it doesn’t have that “just been cleaned” feeling.

however, in my enthusiasm to clean the shower, I broke a silly little towel holder. the previous owner had already broken the other holder and repaired it with screws. I’m worried screws might crack the glass, so, superglue.


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Having bad opinions and being uninformed isn’t against the Code of Conduct, but what my theory presupposes is… what if they were?

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