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Technically I’m not included in those figures because I moved to New Brunswick from another country last year, but whatever.

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Georgia Tech Security Researchers Stop Spamming MastoTech Signups Challenge 2021 ✨

mh - 

Movers are unloading all our stuff in the new place, but the cats and I are holed up in the bathroom having panic attacks. The cats can fit under the sink and I wish I could fit in with them 😭

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Moving Day is here at last! The cats are ✨ unhappy ✨

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It’s like, not that bad I guess, but ugh. Their whole house is a 24-hour noise factory. This morning it’s blasting music at 7am, and then yelling at each other for blasting music lol.

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The move is tomorrow! And the closer it gets, the more annoying my current neighbours become.

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Good morning πŸ‘‹ A big "thank you" to all the Patrons for their help funding the hosting costs of! And an extra thank you to the following users:


Our moderator team is pretty great, too:


I really appreciate the help & support. Have a great day everyone! πŸ₯°

end of the world lol 

Everyone is complaining that apocalyptic fiction never prepared us for having to, like, still go to work and stuff at the end of the world. As if Deep Impact (1998) isn’t sitting right there.

sad music 

why yes, I do know how to play half of these on guitar 😬

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sad music 

the whole album is great sadness, I highly recommend it. we've got:

- the old lady's corner store is closing, what will she do now?
- computer programming sucks
- my graduate degree is arduous and pointless
- a school teacher is sad their affair with the principle is over

check it out f o l k s

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mh ~ 

I forgot that my solution to feeling sad for no reason is to listen to sad music.

If this works for you, too, I'd highly recommend this song about a tuberculosis sanitarium in rural Manitoba:

Update: I'm moving in a week and have taken down the acoustic foam from my home office. My mechanical keyboard's clickity-clacks are echoing around the room – it's wild how much of a difference the foam made.

When we get to the new place, I'll put the foam back up, but I don't think I'll go as overboard. I don't need the entire wall covered, I think spacing them out would be fine.

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question for cat owners 

One of my cats is so old and frail that I’m afraid this might actually end him, and I do no want that.

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question for cat owners 

My cats are traumatized by a lifetime of big moves (including two over the Atlantic, and a number of overnight car rides). I’m trying to make the next move east on them.

The big move is in two weeks but we already have access to the new place, so we’ve started moving small stuff over already. No moving boxes piling up to scare the cats.

But how should we move the cats themselves? Take them over early to get acclimated? Little trips? Take them over day-of?

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housing (+) 

The leftist part of my brain is disgusted with myself. β€œOh, gonna complain about property taxes now???” But the normal part of my brain is happy.

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