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I just hit Docker Hub's asinine rate-limiting. Well, *I* didn't hit it, my Docker-container-registry-as-a-service hit it, sooooo. Great. Deploys of m.t are currently blocked.

I cannot *WAIT* to get off this for the instance.

Docker is such a cool concept but between technical hurdles and everybody trying to make a buck, it sucks. Sorry to say it but Docker sucks.

We updated Mastodon from 3.3.0 to 3.4.1, using the two-step database migrations for zero downtime. Nice!

But then I took the Docker containers totally offline for ten minutes to do apt upgrades lol. Nice try, Eugen, but downtime will always be a part of m.t upgrades 😤

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server upgrades went smoothly, I love it when a plan comes together

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like I don’t mean to brag or anything but this bites me every time.

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oh ho hoooo! look who remembered to start the database backup *before* the scheduled maintenance window this time :blobcatthinksmart:

I’ve been listening to the Blowback podcast 

and I’m beginning to think that this “American Empire” thing sucks, actually

Thank you to all the Patrons for their help funding the hosting costs of! And an extra thank you to the following users:


Let's not forget our awesome moderator team, too:


I really appreciate the help & support 🥰 Have a great day everybody!

Very pleased to announce that as of a few days ago, the instance has existed for longer than the American Confederacy did. So, take that, you literal losers.

Maybe a group that only existed for four years should have less sway in contemporary American politics, eh? That’ll be the day 🙄

I shouldn’t say “picked up” – when you’re describing more than a kilo of face wash, its “lifted”

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and like, let's go on a rant here.

one of them is friendly enough, but the other refuses to speak to us? and they smoke cigarettes outside our bedroom window, yuck.

I'm not going to complain because one time I looked in the back yard and they were shirtless practicing moves with a SWORD. like a two-handed larping sword doing slow-motion moves.

you can use the laundry I guess.

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our apartment is the main floor of a house and we have neighbours in the basement. we each have our own laundry machines, which is cool, but today they have put a load into our machine.

giving the benefit of the doubt, their machine is broken or something. but at least leave a note, yeah? I had laundry plans today!

i want a girl with long-lasting foundation
who's tall
and grey
and sharp on the sides
i want a girl who is a brutalist building
who builds up slowly
and has people inside

“I think transparency and control are important. I think it is really problematic to put the burden on consumers to work through the markets and the use of data, figure out who has their data, how it’s being used, make decisions… I think you end up with notice fatigue; I think you end up with decision fatigue; you get very abusive manipulation of dark patterns to push people into decisions.’”

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