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sorry everyone, I’ll calm down. you know how I get on leg day.

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“If Richard Stallman was the inventor or Linux, he’d have invented Linux.”

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if I see one more person post “ad hominem” I am going to become the joker

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at the risk of geolocating myself, today’s forecasted high temp is 15° holy moly 🌞

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I have purchased a bbq. My first ever bbq. I’m in my thirties and I’ve never even owned my own damn bbq, about damn time!

Wherever you are, I hope your first day of spring also achieves temperatures as high as... wow eight degrees, nice ☀️😎

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First day of spring.

I’m hanging out on the deck. In my pyjamas. Enjoying a beverage as the sun slowly inches itself towards the horizon.

in the first Expanse novel I own, there’s a Q&A with the authors. someone asked how the space ships’ engines work and the authors just answered “efficiently.”

sorry, you said “baryonic acoustic oscillations”, excuse me, but wtf 😶

good news! your order has shipped! 

“label created”

But also, the twenty second conversation with a stranger was nice. Good change of lockdown pace.

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Someone just knocked on my front door asking if my downstairs neighbour’s Ford Escape was for sale. Like he physically touched my door – as a former New Yorker I am LIVID.

Re-adjusting to rural life has been tough 😭

we’re always daylight saving 

it’s about time we do some daylight *spending* what do we say folks

sorry for the gendered language but you might not recognize the quote I’m referencing without it.

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