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we’re always daylight saving 

it’s about time we do some daylight *spending* what do we say folks

sorry for the gendered language but you might not recognize the quote I’m referencing without it.

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I honestly get pissed off when righteous anger about daylight saving time gets directed to an actually very good invention: time zones

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humanity can invent multiple vaccines for a worldwide pandemic, but we still can’t end daylight saving time smdh

second day above freezing here folks, spring won’t be long now

Also to the person who sent a one-time donation in Swedish Krona to my PayPal, I didn't realize that I had to manually accept it before PayPal automatically cancelled the transfer 😭 No need to re-send, please just know that *I* didn't reject it. And, thank you! 🙏

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Thank you to all the Patrons for their help funding the hosting costs of! And an extra thank you to the following users:


Let's not forget our awesome moderator team, too:


I really appreciate the help & support. Have a great day everyone!

rude of commonwealth day to conflict with international women’s day imo. commonwealth day is more like international just-this-one-woman-actually day

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The Expanse spoilers 

oh you know, discovering an alien network of ring-shaped wormhole transporters built by an extinct ancient civilization and using them to explore and colonize the galaxy, that ol’ chestnut

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imo it would be even more amazing if Holden weren’t such a self-centred ass

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The Expanse spoilers 

Three seasons and I’ve realized that we’re basically just doing a realistic take on Stargate SG-1 huh?

I’m not even mad, this is amazing.

@ashfurrow Dark Matter taught me that the interior of every futuristic space station looks like a basement in a Toronto high rise, so anything is possible if you believe

Someday I’ll do a thread about how The Expanse makes creative and thorough use of Toronto as a filming location.

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The Expanse is good. I just wish they wouldn’t dial the freaking drama up to eleven at every opportunity. Like I get that tv is a visual medium, show-don’t-tell, etc... but damn. Things can just happen without the highest of high stakes.

(This is a general problem I have with contemporary tv, though.)

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I’m finally watching The Expanse – it’s really good! I keep having to pause to look up guest actors.

Last night: “hey wait. is that...? could it be him? it is!!!”

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