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acoustic foam with the webcam mic [cw ec]

it occurs to me that having a large, flat light behind the webcam probably doesn't help it's audio quality....

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the difference isn't as perceptible on the rode microphone, but I can hear a big difference on the webcam mic

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panels are going up! already sounds way less echo-y in here. unfortunately I miscalculated how many command strips I would need, so I need to make a hardware store run.

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these all arrived vacuum-packed and got a soak in my bathtub, in batches, then a trip in the dryer. just airing out overnight now 🤩

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I mean, the food selection in either place is not sustainable in any environmental sense. I bought some “Swiss Sticks” the other day (cheesy breadsticks) and when I got home I realized that they’re *actually* made in Switzerland 🤯 like come on, surely we can make breadsticks domestically??

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found some gruyère cheese 🤩 I’ve been on the lookout for a while. food selection in rural Canada is less expansive, but often more exp*e*nsive, than New York 😭

there should be two esc keys and one of them should do the opposite of esc, and also there should be an 'esc lock' that toggles which is which

The solar flare just hit, all your digital lifetime's work is gone.

food mention 

overheard on a podcast: “sometimes I’ll bring a charcuterie board in to my 4pm bath”

okay so I GOT to get on this guy’s level

I've been editing (colour) photos for the past hour before I realized that I had Night Shift enabled 😑

hey so apparently the trick to Hades is just not getting hit by any enemies :hades_thanthink:

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