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good morning, the artificial christmas tree-haven’t has logged on (past year’s silver NYC-sized tree for scale)

back in Canada, back on my bullshit (getting mad at the National Post)

good morning! when I was a child I took apart a lot of car radios. I probably inhaled a lot of cadmium or whatever, but it spurred my interest in technology.

here’s a photo of me and my dad – he’s bummed out I won’t let him help.

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twitter hot take 

“Fleets” are bad, they’re a bad feature, but the name “Fleet” is good and clever, actually


Zagreus keeps trying to patch things up between Orpheus and Eurydice even though that’s what neither of them want, *especially* Eurydice. I wish Zag would fuck off, honestly, but the power ups from the dialogues are just too good 😭

waiting at the Service New Brunswick to transfer my drivers licenseeeeeee

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Day 13 in the new apartment. The cats have entered late-first-season of “Stargate: Atlantis” mode, if that makes sense. Getting comfortable in the new place but it’s still got lots of scary mysteries. The poor things.

Good morning!

:disputed: Today is a Friday the 13th of 2020. Find out more about this hell we all live in.

can pol joke 

Yes Canada got rid of the penny, but more importantly, Canada has apparently gotten rid of Don Cherry. I mean yes, both are still around, but day-to-day you don’t see them as much!

This leads to a contempt for the past. Too much of what was created in the last fifty years is gone because no one took care to preserve it.

exercise / health 

Getting back in to my home workout routine – feels great! I was *really* stiff after driving so long last weekend 😅 My surgery repair site is/was especially sore, and I was a little worried. But moving is the key! Slow and steady.

I’m getting into yoga, too. Check yoga out, f o l k s

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