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exercise / health 

Getting back in to my home workout routine – feels great! I was *really* stiff after driving so long last weekend 😅 My surgery repair site is/was especially sore, and I was a little worried. But moving is the key! Slow and steady.

I’m getting into yoga, too. Check yoga out, f o l k s

Sorry the shout-outs were a week late, I was moving 😅

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Big "thank you" to all the Patrons for their help funding the hosting costs of! And an extra thank you to the following users:


Let's not forget our awesome moderator team, too:


I super-appreciate the help & support. Have a great day everyone!

@bclindner I saw the memory utilization warning come through email. bundle was using more than half of available ram. I did a restart on the web container but it didn’t fix the issue. `docker restart mastodon_sidekiq_1` fixed things.

Not sure what was up with that, the only thing I know about Sidekiq memory leaks is that if you complain about Sidekiq leaking memory, the maintainer will get mad and tell you it’s Ruby’s fault. So yeah!

my god I wish the Canadian government would start a masto instance, how amazing would it be to federate with mastodon-mastadonte dot gc dot ca

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the real bananas thing is that the east coast of america isn’t yet awake to appreciate my posts! [cw cat ec]

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time zones are bananas, it’s bananas to me that it’s only 8:15 in New York right now. as if the Maritimes were in the future.

the original photo I took for this had a few of my toes in frame. had to crop them out because I Will Not Get A Wikifeet Entry.

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moving/settling in 📦 

who am I kidding, this office is far from perfect. the desk is still New York-sized.

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last time I lived in Canada, weed was illegal but pennies were everywhere.

my my how the tables have turned.

moving/settling in 📦 

but that will have to wait, probably a while. I’ll save a space for it.

also I guess it needs shelves.

I’d completely forgotten what it’s like to have a reasonable amount of space. it all feels so,,, excessive?

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moving/settling in 📦 

I’m setting up my office and it’s already resembling my dream home office: it has a guitar, a piano, a rug, a printer. what more could I want? why, only a couch could further elevate this den of unbridled production.

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:drake_dislike: using a `cloud` subdomain
:drake_like: using a `cloud-nuage` subdomain

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While I self-isolate for two weeks (after returning to Canada) I need to check in on the government of Canada’s web site. Since all Canadian URLs MUST be bilingual, let’s just head over to:

arrivecan dot cbsa-asfc dot cloud-nuage dot canada dot ca

so wait, I have to power this thing off and on separately? I have to use a separate freaking remote to adjust the volume? hardly seems worth it just for “better sound” but go off

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