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“What do people expect? It’s called stain-LESS steel, not stain-FREE steel”

I’ve never been so angry at a YouTube video 😡

i shit you not dude he's a samurai but has a western name. funniest shit i have ever seen. he's called samurai jack. i'll never forget

Let’s hope all systems stay green. Thoughts and prayers, people, I need you to send our Kubernetes cluster your thoughts and your prayers.

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good morning. work gave everyone today off to recover from coronastress (🎉) but I’m on callllll [cw cartoon face]

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here is what I remember about Enterprise from watching it when it first aired:

- Scott Bakula has a dog
- the doctor is poly
- sexy decontamination chambers

how bad could it be

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almost done DS9 and what do you expect me to do? watch "Enterprise"?! in this economy???


codes of conduct / conferences 

To whomever came up with :
* This comment format

Fuck you.

I made the observation about ACNH to my wife and she went 🤯 so here it is 

"Designing very large (JavaScript) applications" by Malte Ubl

Very good post. The main point is to design things in an ergonomic way so that other engineers don't veer off the blessed path. I think too many people in large codebases ignore this – they think "I'm a supergenius, I've figured it all out, everyone else just needs to do it my way and not be dumb" instead of asking themselves "How do I design things so that no one is *tempted* to do things the wrong way?"

'whenever you think there's 1 thing, there are actually 2 things' - hegel

SORRY should have cw’d that “snouts”, sorry trying to delete etc

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