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I told a friend that I was doing lead vocals, and he called me a diva.

My first reaction was “😨 no not me, never!”

But I thought about it and now I’m like “😈 yes, push my mic levels up higher. Higher! The people need to hear meeee”

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good morning, here was our final practice before the performance tonight ✨

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jeb can fix everything
he fixes it with his mind
we are inside his mind

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Thank you to all the Patrons for their help funding the hosting costs of! Moving away from Cloudflare recently increased our costs, and the support really helped!

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I really appreciate the help & support. Have a great day everyone!


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Update: I'm told rest days are "excuses" and I just can't lol hard enough. The user avatar shows a young able-bodied man, so, yeah. The exact kind of person who is probably writing the activity tracking UI that I'm complaining about haha.

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tweeted a mild criticism of the Apple Watch's activity tracking and I now have bros in my mentions telling me that rest days aren't actually a thing lolol

Voyager’s opening shows Voyager voyaging.

Deep Space 9’s opening shows Deep Space 9 existing, in deep space.

But I guess it was the 90’s and we still needed big introductions, fine fine okay.

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starfox shitpost 

I was always bored by DS9’s opening credit sequence. In contrast, I loved Voyager’s.

Watching now, DS9 clearly has the more banging score, so why is it (still) more boring?

It’s because you can make a space station by itself only so visually interesting. It doesn’t go anywhere or do anything, so it’s kinda boring. But whoever directed the intro just loved. that. boring. space station.

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Steven Universe had an opportunity for some great Bismuth/PeptoBismol puns, and, they blew it.

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