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advice for if your coffee tastes bad 

Good morning. My watch said that if I went for a run on thanksgiving then I’d get a little badge, and so I did, and so here it is.

Academia? More like MACADAMIA! Because you're all NUTS!

cuteness levels are 84% and steady

(84%) ■■■■■■■■□□

You, a gormless fool: “Mario Paint was the height of Nintendo’s peripheral game.”
Me, overflowing with gorm: “Now you’re knitting with power.”

The “Dick the Birthday Boy” clip on Ellen is gently etched, indelibly, in my brain.

brevity is the soul of wit 

The concept that Artsy practices is called "Open Source by Default" and the idea is that unless there's a good reason to keep source code secret, then it should be open. This is in contrast to normal corporate software, which keeps it secret unless there's a good reason to share it.

More info, written for a general audience, can be found here:

Nothing makes me happy the same way that I get to be, working on a commercial app that’s open source.

Someone will ask me “hey how does Artsy do this?” and I’ll offer to send a GitHub link, and they’re floored. Amazing feeling.

Tired: I’ll send a calendar invitation.
Wired: I’ll send a calendar invite.
Inspired: I’ll send a calendar.

What if we put Commander Keen's head on top of Luigi's body! 

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