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"so you're a depressed forest ranger who spends the game growing close to another woman while you hide from the reality that your wife has early onset demen— no, it's a really great game!"

I've tried explaining the goose game to my family's group chat. only my sister gets it, so I'm now telling her about how great Firewatch is

shoutout to Clone High, btw. shame that pressure from Indian protestors over the show’s portrayal of Gandhi caused Viacom to cancel it and scrub the show from history but w/e

bragging about internet speeds 

Notion is great haha, except for search of course, and also its permissions model, and I guess its Safari support isn't swell, and—

the preferred nomenclature is “wasapan” 

good morning, the “I know nothing else” bird is trying to break into standup

smartphone in name only, for it is neither

They’ve caught on, which can only mean one thing...

DNS propagation has finally completed.

I can’t really describe the sound he was making while I took this photo, but if I had to, it’d be “mrowaghaghah?!”

Miles O'Brien is also a canon syndicalist so the fact that he's not in Star Trek: Picard is a blow to leftism worldwide

every piece of science fiction would be better if Miles O'Brien was in the background just working on some piece of machinery

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