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me in the 90s: dad stop adding "dot com" to every word it's not funny it's corny

me today: My Favorite Web Site? you gotta know by now that it's Mast Of Don Dot Com

Wow, The Matrix (1999) is really good. [obligatory “shame they never made any sequels” xkcd joke]

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I tried explaining Steven Universe again to my mom. She's still not keen on watching.

I'll wear her down. I'll wear them all down.

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finally got caught up on Steven Universe 

Pearl got a spiffy new jacket 😍

Got tickets to see The Matrix (1999) in a theatre tomorrow, feeling very excited.

Some Asshole: humans are just naturally inclined to selfish behavior because of evolution

Humans: *form social bonds with strangers*
Humans: *form social bonds with animals*
Humans: *form social bonds with plants*
Humans: *form social bonds with robots*

“Forgive me, father, for I have sinned.”
“What sins have you committed, my child?”
“I keep singing Barenaked Ladies songs.”
“How long has it been since you last confessed?”
“IT’S BEEN — ”

Canada is run like how if your instance admin got caught by bad-faith users in a *slight* contradiction with the letter of their own CoC, and they just shut the whole instance down instead of fixing the CoC. Galaxy brain-level governance right here, folks.

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politics, canada, environment (-) 

Just heard on the CBC that during the federal election, charities are required by law to not make “political statements” unless they register as a partisan group.

One problem: there’s a climate change denial party, so “climate change is happening” has been made into a partisan statement. So the charities are being silenced. Which is fucked.

Peter Coffin real talk 

I kind of liked some of Peter Coffin’s videos, but something about the cadence of his voice in off-the-cuff videos was weird. And then I found out he was a bit of a creep irl 😔

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joke about Peter Coffin, yay leftist discourse 

My “I’ve never had a fake girlfriend” T-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt.

okay need to get back off the internet

but I had to toot that because honestly, “contrary.dogs” would make a good instance imo 👍

also my nephew was born, so everything else on this trip will be icing on the cake ☺️

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good morning, is this...?

⚪️ a book for children
⚪️ 25% of your TL
⚪️ 50% of your TL
⚪️ 100% of your TL

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