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question for other mastodon admins 

oh? what's that? I did my Patreon shout-outs on time this month?

sounds like someone... set a reminder for themselves. awww yeah.

Thank you to all the wonderful Patrons for their help funding the costs of πŸ™‡ And an extra-special thank you to the following users:


I really appreciate your support. Have a great day everyone!

Mastodon is where I come to complain about iOS/macOS without being yelled at to file a bug report with Apple

I'm not Apple's QA department. Sometimes, I just want to complain.

can't wait for iOS to get dark mode, too, it'll be sooooooo easy to integrate

you, believer in astrology: the universe is all good vibrations, mannnn

me, with a broken guitar and speaker: sympathetic vibrations are ruining my life

good morning to everyone except my right speaker, which refuses to stop buzzing. I think the driver is blown.

good morning, yesterday I found a new route to walk home from work and it has a cool view of a bridge. gonna return to take more photos later.

who'd have thought that a movie that has Sonic the Hedgehog teaming up with a cop would look like trash? (trash that I'm very excited for.)

the buzzing persists, and it’s really pissing me off if you wanna know the truth about it

good afternoon, here’s a photo I took while diagnosing buzzing in my acoustic guitar

meds (~) 

meds (+) 

I swear to god, if you run a popular open source project long enough, someone will eventually want to add a plugin API to it. Guaranteed.

good morning, I got an easter care package from my family back in Canada, check out its customs declaration label [cw food]

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