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good morning to all the very smart engineers over at google

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Cuomo cancelled the L train shut down. What a scam.

Happy New Year! Thanks to all the Patrons for their help funding the hosting costs of! And an extra thank you to the following users:


I really appreciate the support. Have a great 2019!

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Imo, one of the most damning aspects of capitalism is that it encourages people to have consumptive hobbies over creative ones.

It actively seeks to bar people from doing things like cooking, or writing, or making pottery, or anything else of that nature. Activities in which you are making something

Things like that are made either too expensive (in terms of money, or time, or both) or framed as something not worth wasting time on, because you can't support yourself doing art/writing/etc

omg Bandita also loves this too

the video is 8 hours long lol

we put a YouTube video for cats on the tv and Dave is INTO it

My family constantly has the tv on in the background, and while they can ignore it, I find it very difficult to concentrate with the audio/visual distraction. My solution: set the TV to the fireplace channel, which exists (?) and which streams HD video recordings of fire 24/7 🔥

Starting the new year off right! (With a cleared masto reports queue.)

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New year, new good morning thread!

Good morning! Check out my dad’s table saw.

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Fun Fact! 

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Good morning! Just sitting in my parent’s cold house curled up with my mom’s dog Tilly. She’s a good dog and her favourite game is fetch.

Apple’s Animoji’s are pretty fun but they really highlight how technology can funnel you into certain emotions. You can express a hundred happy expressions with Animoji’s, but sad expressions are nearly impossible.

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