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my f.lux kinda app kicked in at 2.49pm i hate winter

vermiculite is just australian perlite, send toot

Thank you to all the Patrons for their help funding the hosting costs of! And an extra thank you to the following users:


I really appreciate the support ❤️ Have a great day everyone!

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absolutely buckwild how theres a thing called a dongle. incredible. laughing my face off. please come back, face. I love you.

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"surrender by cheap trick is better than any led zeppelin song!" i yell before i am murdered by dads

omg finally bought the game, and Save The Light is sooooo good :su_star:

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haven't looked into vermicomposting in a while...

one thing i really miss about living in the country is access to a compost heap

there are compost collections around NYC but ugh, I have to like, save up my organic trash all week? 🙅

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pros of linux:
- type la -Ra / to look like a hacker
- super tux cart
- get to feel like you're better than everyone

cons of linux:
- doesn't have windows defender
- richard stallman hires a hitman to kill you if you install non-free software
- crashes if you try to use the CPU cache as a boot disk

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