@announcements real passive voice here, eh? β€œWhile upgrades are done” :hades_thanthink:

@brunoph cool! would be ran on the machine that’s backing up over the network, or the machine which is serving the shared drive? both, probably πŸ˜‚

@angristan not to my understanding. RAID is support by the OS independent of the file system. but within the APFS system (which is mirrored with RAID 1) there are two APFS volumes, which are like partitions except both have access to as much free space as is available on the disk.

The RAID array is all set up and working :+1: I had some trouble getting macOS Time Machine to behave, but figured it out eventually. Two drives -> RAID 1 array -> Encrypted APFS format -> two APFS volumes (one for each computer to use as a TM backup destination).

The initial backup, over wifi, took a few days πŸ˜… But it did finish, and incremental backups are quick!

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star trek deep space nine 

@alex quark is the harry kim of ds9, it's great

@MmeLibertine I get to help a family member move out of their shitty housing situation into their own apartment tomorrow ✨

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Why on earth would I need Sonos to show a desktop notification when the song changes? I know the song just changed. I can hear it. That's the notification.

Okay, I've ordered a pair of 6TB external drives for RAID-redundant Time Machine backups, should be here next weekend πŸ™Œ A lot cheaper than a NAS πŸ˜… Thanks for the validation all!

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@Shrigglepuss real pain to my sham friends, and champagne to my real friends πŸŽ‰

@JonYoder so yes, it would give me that, but wouldn’t a computer give me more options than a NAS because a computer is a more general-purpose machine?

@norm I've already got the machine setup is the thing, seems like this would be the least expensive option, too πŸ‘

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