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@Lofenyy @gudenau explanation two is a simplification but it describes the beginning of the Harmonic Series, which you can look up more about. This “holding the string” is something guitarists do using a technique called touch harmonics, which can be used to tune a guitar without a tuner using music, physics, and math!

@Lofenyy @gudenau explanation two is based in the mathematics of resonance. Take a string and make it taught. Pluck the string and it makes a noise. This is the natural frequency of the string under this tension.

Now, double the frequency of the string by plucking it while holding its exact centre. You have a standing wave with one node, and the note is one octave higher. Triple the base frequency of the note by holding it exactly at one third. The note is a fifth up from the natural freq.

@Lofenyy @gudenau so explanation one: a fifth is the fifth note of a major scale. A fifth up from A is E. A fifth up from C is G. Most common chords have this interval embedded amongst their other notes (C major chord is C E G)

@gudenau are you familiar with what a note is? sound at a specific frequency? well, two notes played at the same time have a distance between them, an interval. and the most important interval in music, the most “stable” sounding interval, is the fifth.

@gudenau it's like when you have an interval of a fifth at one point in the music, and then the next interval is also a fifth. in classical it's frowned upon, but it's used extensively in rock (power chords)

@AskChip @lonelymtn wow let me check out this taughtline hitch it sounds perfect

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