@tewha I like that I can toot something, and be guaranteed it will never end up embedded in some Business Insider blog post or whatever

callout post 

@mdszy I feel so... called out, but in a good way 🥰

@mdszy yeah what the hell, y’o’u’r’e too young to be this cool

first ATLA watchthrough 

“My first girlfriend got turned into the moon.”
“That’s rough.”

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@bclindner I can’t rule it out, but tweaking config settings was what fixed the previous intermittent unresponsive-ness. It feels like this could be the same thing we were seeing, which I think was: the number of connections exceeded some resource limit, nginx starts queuing up requests, and that queue grows until it starts slowing down the rest of the system. Reducing the number of connections helped before, so I need to figure out how to tune that.

@bclindner FYI, we saw the load spike up this morning and I restarted the Docker containers. It came down but started spiking up again. Then I restarted nginx and it has stayed down. I’ll do some digging in the logs later, but might need to tweak some more settings ✌️


wow I just read some comments on the National Post site, jeepers. not very... enlightened, to say the least

first ATLA watchthrough 

@zalasur wellllllllllllllllllllll

first ATLA watchthrough 

Avatar seems cast specifically to give me “wait, I know that voice...” syndrome

Head of a corrupt secret police? He’s the bad prison guard from the Shawshank Redemption.

Manic mechanist? Odo from DS9.

Full moon witch? She’s Seymour Skinner’s mom on The Simpsons.

Water Tribe second in command? He plays Redge Barclay’s boss on the episode of Star Trek: Voyager that ep when Starfleet contacts the ship.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on IMDb 😅

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first ATLA watchthrough 

Avatar spends a lot more time ruminating on what it is to change, to grow as a person.

While Steven Universe likes answering to the question of “can everyone be redeemed?”, Avatar is more interested in asking the question, and then asking follow-ups.

Granted both shows have different formats and audiences, and obviously I like both a lot. Halfway through the final season of ATLA.

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first ATLA watchthrough 

If I have one criticism of Steve Universe, it’s that it comes down a little too hard on the “yes, every one *can* be redeemed” side of that question. It’s never cast in *too* much doubt. When a character asks for forgiveness, they’re generally given it – and usually very quickly. Their forgive is always utterly complete. Literally, *literally* every villain gets redeemed by the final episode, despite some pretty horrific crimes.

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first ATLA watchthrough 

Okay so throughout my watchthrough I’ve been comparing Avatar to Steven Universe a lot, because I don’t watch a lot of cartoons generally but I know SU pretty well. And I think they have a lot in common; specifically, both shows ask the question “can people change or are some people irredeemable?” That’s a really cool theme, and they approach it differently!

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you’ve got a cooling skin lotion for summer but you want to know *how much* it cools you down? sounds like a job for...

balm calorimetry 😏

If servers could just *stay running* that’d be cooooool

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