@keithzg haha yeah totally. I perennially enjoy 90’s Star Trek for this exact reason.

@keithzg yeah, that’s fair. I just mean that the show doesn’t balance the drama quite right.

like this creature just spent an entire episode trying to rip through a reactor core, and it was really important to stop it ASAP because a character is dying, but also,,, we cut away for dramatic dialogue and contrived personal conversations. the urgent thing shouldn’t happen at the same time as the slow thing if they share a resolution, imo.

@ashfurrow Dark Matter taught me that the interior of every futuristic space station looks like a basement in a Toronto high rise, so anything is possible if you believe

@Dee holy shit I loved it every time an actor from stargate showed up. like YEAH Tori Amos is EXACTLY what this show needed 😍

Someday I’ll do a thread about how The Expanse makes creative and thorough use of Toronto as a filming location.

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The Expanse is good. I just wish they wouldn’t dial the freaking drama up to eleven at every opportunity. Like I get that tv is a visual medium, show-don’t-tell, etc... but damn. Things can just happen without the highest of high stakes.

(This is a general problem I have with contemporary tv, though.)

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I’m finally watching The Expanse – it’s really good! I keep having to pause to look up guest actors.

Last night: “hey wait. is that...? could it be him? it is!!!”

@tewha also, apparently the shapes and their orientation was a code which would spell out a clue for the *following* episode’s mystery? amazing.

@tewha that show was careful to call back to things, even if it they couldn’t always have a satisfying resolution. it was a good balance between never answering questions (Lost) and blatant fan service. like what were those shapes that played before/after commercials? no clue but they showed up in the pocket universe. no satisfying answer, but at least they remembered to do something with them.

more like “Massive Dynamic” amirite? haha where are my Fringe heads at

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