money and bs corporations 

My old gym is still trying to collect membership dues for an account I closed in August in a country where I don’t live anymore against a credit card which has been cancelled.

They’ve finally agreed to close the account effective today, but they want the past due paid lol.

Buddy, that sounds like a “you” problem.

@gbrnt I'm going to grind their silicon wafers back into sand, they will rue the day that their git version was older than my local environment

I won because I am a human with a clever brain and the CI servers are lowly computers

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folks, I have been low key fighting with CI servers all day, but I just now finally won


@jordonr 2x a week is just my strength training, which I can’t do more frequently yet because I’m still recovering from abdominal surgery. soon. however, I’m able to run and cross train throughout the week as well.


@gudenau @Lofenyy yeah. there is a recent push to expand Medicare to cover prescriptions and eye care. fingers crossed.


@Lofenyy @gudenau yeah, only what is "medically necessary" is covered for free. and that doesn't even (legally) cover prescriptions or eyeglasses :\


I saw a doctor to follow-up on my surgery from last year and they suggested doing strength training to replace the muscle that I lost. Sure, I'm already doing workouts 2x a week, on my floor 😬 I can't even do all the exercises I want to.

But now, under "doctor's orders", I've ordered a workout bench from a store in Montréal 🎉 Won't be here for a few weeks, but I'm so excited!

@hypolite but when we embed a YouTube video, for example, isn’t that possibly using the cohort API?

@hypolite it's hard to believe that such a poorly-conceived and poorly-communicated technology like FLoC would have webmasters scrambling to protect user's privacy however they can (even if it's not necessary).

@dsoft unfortunately, things are complicated. users don’t always know or do what’s best for them because technology is made complicated to circumvent their best interests.

m.t now returns a “Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=()” header on all HTTP responses. This opts the site out of Google Chrome’s new Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) tracking; this change will also be included in future versions of the Mastodon source code:

You can read more about how to opt the sites that you manage out of this new surveillance technology here:

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