@koenaro nah, it’s netlify that I’m waiting to see the changes, so it will register my dang ssl certificate

waiting for DNS changes to propagate: I fucken love it. it stirs my coffee. it floats my boat. it gets my engine revving.

@aeveltstra interesting – I hadn't realized the different paradigms targeting the same runtime would add such complexity!

@aeveltstra I read it that way – I make the same typo all the time 😭

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I feel like this is a necessary warning to have pinned

I gotta say, it's pretty rare for a company to give an individual contributor such leeway in decided what to spend company time on, let alone blog about it. I'm pretty fortunate to work with such a good team 😁 :su_star: ❤️

Last year, I decided to meet with every person on the Artsy engineering team. tl;dr my efforts coincided with an inflection point in my own career, as well as in the team's culture as we nearly doubled in size.

Here's the full story: artsy.github.io/blog/2019/04/1

@aeveltstra gotcha, that makes sense. Do you think this is why we (I) hear more success stories with languages compiling to the .Net CLR than compiling to the JVM? Because it was designed to be agnostic to languages from the start? (Not that it doesn't have to be hacky about adding support for new constructs, too.)

been trying to record something new that I learned every day in a TIL repo, and I'm happy to now report: I've at the cusp of 70 whole things! Nice!

@mdhughes okay, well, there ya go

For the record, I don't trust _any_ checkins without review :P

@mdhughes Aren't your interactions with junior developers then constrained by looking at them as children?

I learn a lot from the juniors I work with, and even in areas where I _am_ an expert, I consider newcomers to be peers.

@aeveltstra that's an interesting perspective. If I may ask, isn't that the goal of the JVM as a compile target? So that languages like Scala and Clojure can take advantage of Java's popularity without having to use the actual syntax?

(Not that Scala isn't a difficult language, too!)

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