I’m finally watching The Expanse – it’s really good! I keep having to pause to look up guest actors.

Last night: “hey wait. is that...? could it be him? it is!!!”

@bclindner three weeks uninterrupted uptime awww yeah!!!!

I’m sure that memory usage graph is nothing to worry about lolol unused ram is wasted ram!

I bought the wrong sized V60 filters and feel like an absolute chump. only about 150 cups left to make before I run out and can get more of the correct filters 😭

acoustic foam with the webcam mic [cw ec]

it occurs to me that having a large, flat light behind the webcam probably doesn't help it's audio quality....

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panels are going up! already sounds way less echo-y in here. unfortunately I miscalculated how many command strips I would need, so I need to make a hardware store run.

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Okay so then this morning I was like “we gotta make waffles.” Back in New York, we loved this place called Waffels en Dinges (“waffles with stuff”) and this is inspired by them.

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Okay so last night I tried making a caramel for some ice cream. 2:1:1 ratio of brown sugar, butter, and milk. Some vanilla and salt. Bring to a gentle boil and simmer for a minute, then let cool 😋 I put it in one of those general purpose squeeze bottles...

the automated check for being susceptible to index corruption was super-handy, and explains some errors I was seeing in our logs. the masto docs were clear, helpful, and easy to follow: docs.joinmastodon.org/admin/tr my hat is off to the team 🎉

bonus: since the source is open, I could follow along with exactly what it was doing and what it had left.

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