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Movers are unloading all our stuff in the new place, but the cats and I are holed up in the bathroom having panic attacks. The cats can fit under the sink and I wish I could fit in with them 😭

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The RAID array is all set up and working :+1: I had some trouble getting macOS Time Machine to behave, but figured it out eventually. Two drives -> RAID 1 array -> Encrypted APFS format -> two APFS volumes (one for each computer to use as a TM backup destination).

The initial backup, over wifi, took a few days 😅 But it did finish, and incremental backups are quick!

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decided to make myself a nice like breakfast sandwich [cw food, meat]

you can tell I was hungry because I didn’t bother staging a good photo 😋

A family member is downsizing and has given me this old radio/turntable. It’s in great shape! Mostly. The amp needs a new tube.

Does anyone have any blog posts/videos on fixing these up? Ideally I would replace the amp with something solid state and put this thing on wifi as an AirPlay receiver. Any recommendations are appropriated 🥰

Very pleased to announce that as of a few days ago, the instance has existed for longer than the American Confederacy did. So, take that, you literal losers.

Maybe a group that only existed for four years should have less sway in contemporary American politics, eh? That’ll be the day 🙄

went to costco today and picked up this chonkster, this absolute unit

Remember that “three Worf Morn” smart watch face I made as a joke? I regret to inform you that I’ve started wearing it unironically. [cw face]


did a May 24 bbq last night 😋 it’s my first charcoal grill, still getting used to it

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