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No amount of log entries can ever prove things are working; a single log entry can prove things are broken.

Haha so I'm watching Sidekiq logs and every time I toot a *lot* of jobs get kicked off 😅

FeedInsertWorker, DeliveryWorker, I see you.

Ash Furrow @ashfurrow

It's remarkable to me that after years of research into graph-databases and specialized data structures (to model social relationships), Mastodon has succeeded with, uhh, Rails on top of Postgres. I love it.

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@ashfurrow If humans can be sociable even within the confines of silos like the Book of Face, it makes sense that something with less friction will also work

@artsyhonker "Book of Face" now that's something straight out of Doctor Who 🤔

@ashfurrow Have you tried using it lately? It's slow and inconsistent, and impossible to find anything, and that's before the privacy concerns.

@artsyhonker I've only been on it to talk with my family, and avoid it otherwise.

@ashfurrow I use it rather grudgingly because as a self-employed composer with a pretty small niche that doesn't contain large numbers of technical users, I have to go where people can find me. It's... pretty unpleasant.

@ashfurrow in my opinion it succeed because of what Mastodon is and how it works not so much because of how the data is store and query. If we leave everything about Mastodon the same but swap postgrees with a graph data Mastodon would still be same. The invers is not true.

@gozes yes, that's exactly my point. But if we look to social media companies, they seem to think their problems are all technology-based instead of inherent in their product goals.

@ashfurrow agree. Sometimes I think it's because the top management is incapable of taking a hard look at what they are building and accept that they are gone of the path and work to fix that. Instead they look at what tech they can trow there money at that will automagiclly fix there problem


I think the simple data model makes it easier to understand hence more user friendly. I hate programs deciding for me what I think is important.