brb setting up an email filter for "I came across your Github profile and I thought you might be a good fit."


a) no you didn't
b) I don't have *any* of the qualifications you're seeking
c) go away

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Using the GitHub API for recruitment purposes is so foul. It's a form of taking advantage of what is supposed to be a "social coding" community.

Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to hell.

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What really frustrates me about these recruiters is that there are so, so many junior developers in NYC having a hard time because every time they apply they're told "we're looking for someone a little more senior"

Where do you think senior developers come from? We don't grow on tress – we come from juniors! Someone took a chance on me and it paid off for us both. But companies see it as too big a risk :(

@ashfurrow yes, exactly! On my first and on my second job I was given a chance - and it paid off significantly of my employer. God knows where would I've been if they didn't hire me without much experience.

I also know from experience that hiring juniors is risky and not always possible. In small companies there is sometimes no one to train them and it may be painful for both sides.

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