I've learned a tonne of stuff about Heroku, Rails, and community since starting this instance. I've been contributing back to the project where I can, and everyone has been really kind. More details on the instance are available on my fork: github.com/ashfurrow/mastodon


If you like mastodon.technology and are able to, please consider chipping in a few bucks to support Heroku costs: patreon.com/user?u=3581610

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People have pointed out that hosting on Heroku isn't as cost-effective as hosting on (say) Digital Ocean or EC2. This is true, but there are great reasons to host on Heroku. Specifically, it's where my server admin skills are at right now; I'll reconsider DO/EC2 down the line.

I'm also an early-ish adopter of hosting there, too, and ironing out some of the wrinkles will make it easier for others to host their own instances, which is better for everyone 🎉

@ashfurrow I've been working on a CloudFormation template for easier AWS deploys, so hopefully by the time you get around to that it'll be much easier.

@ashfurrow I totally agree. I still haven't opened up my instance to others because I'm still learning, so my cost is only $7 per month at the moment. Still, the time savings is worth the cost to me for now.

@sabbatical welllllll sort of but I'm learning a tonne of valuable skills, making new friends, and having a good time. So it's worth the cost, to me. That said, help with costs would be nice too. I'm hosting it as an experiment, and part of that is experimenting with crowdfunding.

@ashfurrow $81/mo is less than I’d expected, if that ends up being remotely accurate!

@sabbatical it's gone up since i upgraded from hobby-level postgres, current Heroku estimate i2 $141.

Current S3 estimate is $1.50. Awww yeah AWS.

So I definitely have an incentive to move over to EC2, and the Mastodon docs keep improving, so who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@sabbatical sorry, it's "out of date", I've changed the config significantly (all noted in the GitHub issues I link to)

@ashfurrow Woud it be okay if I just mowed your yard all summer?

@ashfurrow we're more than 2500 people here, so an interested 5% with a spare $ a month is all it takes to keep it running, I mean come on guys a buck a month.. I've spent more on apps per day in a previous __fruit__ driven lifetime.

@profoundlynerdy I'm afraid I don't, though maybe I should consider getting one.

@ashfurrow If you're open to it, no pressure.

If you're interested:

Mycelium for Android is great.
Electrum for Windows/Linux/Mac is good too.

If you're afraid of the exchange fluctuations check out coinomi.com/ which supports a bunch of Alt-Coins including nubits.com/ which is pegged to $USD.

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