It has been a really stressful few weeks for me, and I did let the m.t moderation queue slip. It's all cleared now, but I'm going to skip my usual step of contacting reporting users to let them know of the outcome of their report 😬


Do other admins do this? Tell the reporting user "hey we suspended that user for spamming" or whatever? I'll look into creating a feature request...

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@ashfurrow I feel like I saw a note somewhere "admins might not reply with the results of your report;" it might have been built into the Mastodon web UI. I'll keep an eye out for it the next time I have to report someone. If so, that's a suggestion from the platform that admins don't need to feel pressure to respond

Or maybe it was on Discord that I saw it

@wakingrufus @ashfurrow I think it's exactly this. It's very nice when I'm able to get feedback on my reports. I wouldn't want it any other way.

@ashfurrow In general, I think what's best for the health of the community is that most of the time, someone reporting an issue receives some acknowledgment of the report, and if corrective action is taken by the moderators, that this action be public and very conspicuous.

The former ensures that users can trust that their concerns are being heard and considered, and the latter ensures that the whole community can see what kind of conduct is tolerated and what kind is not.

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