reading “After Steve” (I know, I know…) 

The book is painting Tim Cook in a poor light, but also, damn Jony Ive stop being so whiny. Like I get that this is a fictionalized account but the idea of a designer bristling when an engineer has concerns over some wild idea is just… it hits a little close to home 😅

reading “After Steve” (I know, I know…) 

Designers I’ve worked with sometimes conceive of ideas totally in a vacuum, unconcerned with the practicalities of making their design into a working product. When I voiced concerns, some designers get really defensive.

Good designers will work with me to understand the constraints. Their designs are a North Star, a platonic ideal that we aim for together – even though we know we will fall short.

But what do I know! I’m just a lowly software engineer 🤷‍♂️


reading “After Steve” (I know, I know…) 

I’ve always said this but Apple getting rid of Scott Forestall was a huge mistake. Both a computer nerd and a theatre nerd, what a powerful high school energy.

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