Fuck that developer for creating that hellthread tool. God damn. They open sourced it and everything – now anyone can cause a bunch of unpaid masto admins a bunch of work and stress. Get fucked.

@ashfurrow I've been wondering what's going on... saw a bunch of really odd mentions and garbage today. Figured some kind of attack was going on.

@ashfurrow @Lofenyy Someone created a tool to mass-mention random people in ActivityPub messages. They must have mentioned about a thousand people testing their tool just this morning (me included).
@ashfurrow @Lofenyy We will, but it’s another “we can’t have nice things” instance and it’s tiring.

@ashfurrow need extra help squashing stuff?

Not been able to find the code on cursory search to see what's going on for any mitigation options. Got a link to source?

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