hard to believe that Apple is making it even harder for developers to run code on their own devices, but, here we are

@ashfurrow The only hard-to-believe part about that is that they actually found a way to make it harder.
@ashfurrow I mean honestly it's Apple, I find that kindof easy to believe . . . somehow the small bits of macOS development work I've done recently have been the most needlessly frustrating, and I work for a company that mostly does Win32 development using Visual Studio and have to still support XP!

@ashfurrow For my new projects I've decided to not give a fuck about macOS because Apple doesn't give a fuck about developers other than being a source of rent.

@cwebber new “development mode” for iOS coming this fall. Plus I had to go through a bunch of new hoops yesterday to get an app running on my device :/

@ashfurrow boo

apple is basically hands down the worst company in tech and gets all the praise

@ashfurrow wait, amazon is the worst

but apple normalizes all the worst things technology wise first

@cwebber I don’t know if I’d go that far, but Apple does not get the criticism that they deserve.

They do really sketchy, really gross stuff and there’s a segment of their user-/fan-base that always defends them. It’s that part that really eats at me.

@ashfurrow Well, they're the leaders in DRM and locked-down tech under the auspices of shiny.

@Gargron there’s a new “developer mode” you have to enable in iOS 16. It’s nothing too obtrusive but it’s a thousand little cuts

@ashfurrow @Gargron Wow.. But why? Do you also need an 'official' dev account or can anyone do it?

@ashfurrow it's the war on general purpose computing, exactly as Doctorow predicted

@deshipu @ashfurrow After experiencing some pain updating MacOS on our company laptops, I recall making similar predictions back in 2014, and everyone at work thought I was a reactionary chicken-little. I wasn't a "thought leader".

After all, why would Apple alienate their newest, biggest user base, corporate employees? Remember, this was about the time IBM teamed up with Apple (again) to offer "business applications" (read, TN3270 emulators and iOS hooks into Watson, I think) to the Mac platform, while IBM allowed MacBook Pro laptops to IBM employees for the first time. I forget the precise details now.

But, the writing was on the wall as far as back then. Glad someone with a lot more notoriety than me has also recognized this trend.

@ashfurrow this is the reason why it felt so great to move to a more open ecosystem of tools and languages

@ashfurrow Yeah.. they are not moving in the right direction at all in these recent few years. They’ve lost my trust and broke my heart quite a bit lately... and lost me as a customer as well.

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