Pretty rude. Just got this email from

I don’t want to tell them how to do their job (even though they’re comfortable telling me how to do mine) but the instance has already *been* upgraded lol


also I don’t think Mastodon (or Twitter) should have an Edit button :dont_at_me:

@ashfurrow i haven't looked into it but i hope it has a "view edits" function. it's the only time i'm okay with message edits of any kind on social media

@ashfurrow i sadly think that's that living with typos, or deleting (and optionally redrafting) seems to be a minority opinion

🤔 To me it's the nature of how twitter used to be when you'd SMS a tweet. Plus there's the question of likes or boosts. The nature of a post can change depending on how it's edited. At the moment I know if I delete and repost it feels a bit rude to those who boosted. Like a breaking of that trust. So if there was an edit option, you'd want to know it was or have version history.

@otfrom @ashfurrow
Also as someone who has on occasion felt the need to screenshot when people delete and then redo the tweet in reply, I think that it's better to not have that edit functionality. It don't think it's added anything to sites like FB.

@onepict @otfrom yes, it adds both technical and interface complexity that IMO outweigh the benefits

@onepict @ashfurrow I'm not sure if delete and redraft would replace the root and have the same reference. I do like it for when I catch something early but not early enough. Not having QTs makes a big difference I feel. I also find I'm blocking the few trolls I do find more quickly here. I'm trying to avoid the outage machine of Twitter.

It's definitely a more rewarding experience on here, with the discussions and sharing. You do get out what you put in.

@ashfurrow I think it would be ok, provided that you can also view the edit history to check that nothing nefarious is going on.

@ashfurrow I would like to be able to retroactively add a CW though

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