Six months ago, it seemed like a good idea to change my alarm sound to birdsong. But now there are actual birds singing at 5am and I just. can’t. sleep.

@ashfurrow same over here (Germany). I love nature and all, but that 5 am chirping is tough.

@preslavrachev I feel like this was a self-inflicted wound. I have conditioned myself to wake up to this noise specifically 😭

@ashfurrow I love birds at 5 o’clock! Couldn’t live without anymore.

@ashfurrow I remember someone saying you should never make your most favorite song your ringtone – unless you want to ruin it. There's truth to that…

(side note: there's a German saying which literally translates to "You've got a bird", meaning "you're nuts". Looks like some truth in that, too – and beware the current double meaning 🙊 💨 )

@ashfurrow I changed my text notification to crickets and it was not a great plan lol

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