Here are the DigitalOcean graphs for over the past 7 days, and the past 24 hours. Yesterday required us to rebalance our resource utilization (before this week, we were over-provisioned and were preparing to decrease server resources to save costs 😅).

I think we're in an okay spot. We don't have a lot of headroom left. Fingers crossed today. We may need to close new registrations, but we'll be upfront if we make that decision.

Along with myself, this instance is moderated by @bclindner and @fuzzface – I'm fortunate to have such a great team 🙌

This instance is funded by a Patreon – if you'd like to contribute, head over to

One year ago, this instance was running on Docker. This configuration had been officially supported, but discouraged, by Mastodon maintainers – and for good reason. It introduced so many problems and so much overhead that I'm really grateful that everyone peer-pressured me into migrating off it. Now it runs as standard linux services. I'm positive this instance would be in tears right now, otherwise 😆

Sidekiq queues have continued to get worse. (But at a slower rate! Yes!!!) I’ve played with the config of everything as much as I’m comfortable – a sluggish instance is better than an unresponsive instance.

43k jobs queued up. default has a latency of 22 minutes, pull is over two hours lol okay

I see a few jobs taking a long time (>10 minutes) but most finish instantly. I’m trying to figure out where the next bottleneck to scale up is. How do I get the CPU cores doing more? PgBouncer? Multiple Sidekiq services? It seems like I have CPU headroom, so should I get more aggressive with my Postgres config? Is there a quick win without prolonged downtime? These are the questions on my mind.


Big thanks to @rodti and @stux for their suggestion and help in splitting out Sidekiq into multiple systemd services 🙌 Our queues are empty and our CPUs are being better utilized 👍

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The instance stayed up overnight with the new config changes (always a concern haha). Sidekiq queues are empty and have already chewed through an average day’s amount of jobs. I’m excited/terrified to see what happens today!

@ashfurrow @rodti Always welcome! 🙇 If you need any further advice on some scaling things I got some stored somewhere on a shelf 🧠 :blobcatgiggle:

@ashfurrow the opposite feeling of a casino billboard with the jackpot value spinning higher and higher. Except, queue levels. ;)

@ashfurrow thank you for all the hard work, I’ve subscribed to your patreon!

@ashfurrow Do you have more details about this and/or some docs to look at? I’m not running an instance, but we use Sidekiq and I’m interested in this idea.

@jwkicklighter I copied the original .service file with a new name and added arguments to Sidekiq to only run specific queues. then I enabled those services with systemd and started them. here's the thread where I got help, including sample service configs:

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