I’ve ordered crampons for running in the snow (a word I know how to spell but not pronounce).



“Craw-pawn (with French accent)”?

I don’t know and I refuse to learn.


I’ve been hosting children family members for the past week but this is my first morning waking up without them. I feel like this experience has Affected my Posts.

To the adults out there: Good Morning.

To the little ones: Go play MarioKart with your aunt until I’ve finished making the pancakes.

family, food 

Being an uncle is 90% beating your nephew at MarioKart and 10% letting your nephew have the last of the maple syrup even though it’s the good kind of syrup and he won’t really appreciate it.

@bremner this was my first big family Christmas since high school. Really fun! But also, it was an unbelievable amount of work.

From the kids’ perspective, Christmas just kind of happens to them. No work involved – no wonder they love it!

family, food 

@ashfurrow it’s all fun and games until they can beat you at MarioKart

family, food 

@gregatron5 the worst part is I have him the good controller and mine was drifting – he didn’t believe me 🙈 He beat me at 50CC (played for his little sibling) but I got him at 150 when we played one on one.

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