star trek, 420 

supposition 1: Neelix DEFINITELY smoked weed

supposition 2: Tuvok would NEVER smoke weed

query: did Tuvix smoke weed?

star trek, 420 

The results are clear: Tuvix did partake but whether he combusted or not is undecided. I can live with that.

@ashfurrow you ask the cursed questions

going with did smoke weed because the federation doesn't seem like somewhere with strong substance control laws and like it IS used in religious ceremonies

@ashfurrow You know what, I feel like it would be the opposite. Something something "Vulkans get absolutely hammered by weed" and Neelix is just bubbly and weird because of his past. (Which IIRC is kinda crappy)

@ashfurrow Going off of that, the fused version could give him a chance to have it without blowing him up for a week.

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