Mmm. The password researchers at Georgia Tech have began another wave of bot sign-ups on m.t. In the “why do you want to join?” field they all have the same excerpt of lorem ipsum.

I’m assuming it’s GA Tech based on the email addresses they use, but, they could be anyone. Not that I give security researchers the benefit of any doubt, anymore.

@ashfurrow Reminds me of when the University of Minnesota was blanket-banned from further contributing to the Linux kernel because of their "security research"

@ashfurrow Do the signups need to ban school emails or something?

@gudenau they use an outlook domain with like a format for the username

@gudenau @ashfurrow it sounded like the GDPR researcher had learned his lesson, and wanted to make amends, he could do so by talking to his colleagues at gatech to get them to stop harassing volunteer admins?

@eqe @gudenau I’m not convinced that the GDPR researcher learned his lesson, unfortunately

@ashfurrow @gudenau the PI note Dec 18 from Jonathan Mayer is much more sensible than earlier messaging from the junior researcher.

"Third, I will use the lessons learned from this experience to write and post a formal research ethics case study, explaining in detail what we did, why we did it, what we learned, and how researchers should approach similar studies in the future. I will teach that case study in coursework, and I will encourage academic colleagues to do the same. While I cannot turn back the clock on this study, I can help ensure that the next generation of technology policy researchers learns from it."

Jonathan can act on that point right now by reaching out to gatech to get them to stop their research

@eqe @ashfurrow Actions speak louder than words, we will see what happens in the future.

@gudenau @eqe yeah exactly. I still haven’t received any follow-up email. To me, the update sounded like a way for him to turn this into more content for him, which sounded self-serving. To me, anyway.

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