Having bad opinions and being uninformed isn’t against the Code of Conduct, but what my theory presupposes is… what if they were?

@ashfurrow problem comes from those unwilling to be informed when their ignorance is highlighted.
We can't know everything.
We make mistakes.
But you can at the very least TRY. You can grow from your failings

@ashfurrow wait, 2nd guessing myself, did I just give a serious answer to a joke? Am I in fact the dumb one? Lol

@ashfurrow I mean, I yeet people for being climate deniers or antivaxxers or racist or anti-trans folks. so. having bad opinions or being uninformed can in fact be against the coc, if you want it to be

@t54r4n1 @ashfurrow

I find instance details not always so easy to reference on mobile, so dug up this more direct URL to the currently applicable rules

@t54r4n1 @ashfurrow

there are things against those rules that I've seen, at least elsewhere, people try to ellide as merely matters of opinion or diverging sets of 'facts', sometimes as if we were just comparing our dessert preferences

@t54r4n1 for sure, and I give users the boot for those too. I mean like, being a fan of Richard Stallman.

@ashfurrow ughhh do your homework people why would you be a fan of a celebrity

@ashfurrow if people are willing to learn and grow, i would let them be. But if theyr being obtuse then they can fugg off

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