You click a link to a news site, to read an article that seems interesting.

On the page that loads there is the article, but also, somewhere on the right, often near the bottom, there is a small video player. Inexplicably, it was not blocked by your ad-blocker.

It is auto-playing a news video that is not connected to the article. Sound is often on.


@rysiek this post is currently #2 on Hacker News, haha. I would wonder what that’s doing to our traffic, but, we don’t use analytics 🙃

@ashfurrow @rysiek Woo! Actually, you can probably watch your nginx access log to get an idea. If you use Netdata, you can get graphs from that.


@Gargron @rysiek ooooo I haven’t set up Netdata since moving off Docker, good idea…

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