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I forgot that my solution to feeling sad for no reason is to listen to sad music.

If this works for you, too, I'd highly recommend this song about a tuberculosis sanitarium in rural Manitoba:


sad music 

the whole album is great sadness, I highly recommend it. we've got:

- the old lady's corner store is closing, what will she do now?
- computer programming sucks
- my graduate degree is arduous and pointless
- a school teacher is sad their affair with the principle is over

check it out f o l k s

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sad music 

why yes, I do know how to play half of these on guitar 😬

sad music 

@ashfurrow oh right I am also sad for no reason and I'm "playing" Reptilla, The Adult Are Talking and now this will be perfect addition to my non-collection!

re: sad music 

@ashfurrow You didn't mention that "Stop Error" was set to the same Bach tune as the hymn "O Sacred Head Now Wounded" -- neato!

re: sad music 

@bruceiv Stop Error is a great one – I didn’t recognize the hymn! That makes sense, he borrows melodies a lot. “When I Write My Masters Thesis” is just Bob Dylan’s “When I Paint My Masterpiece” 😆

I’ll check out The Killers’ album, thanks 👍

re: sad music 

@bruceiv if you’re interested, I recorded a cover of Stop Error. The vocals are a little, hmm, crunchy? I guess? Listening to old recordings is tough – I sing this differently now.

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