question for cat owners 

My cats are traumatized by a lifetime of big moves (including two over the Atlantic, and a number of overnight car rides). I’m trying to make the next move east on them.

The big move is in two weeks but we already have access to the new place, so we’ve started moving small stuff over already. No moving boxes piling up to scare the cats.

But how should we move the cats themselves? Take them over early to get acclimated? Little trips? Take them over day-of?


question for cat owners 

One of my cats is so old and frail that I’m afraid this might actually end him, and I do no want that.

question for cat owners 

@ashfurrow I think keeping them in quiet rooms away from the major moving activity on the day of would be ideal.

I'm leaning toward moving the cats themselves after most of the stuff is moved. They understand territorial scent marking and I think it would reduce stress to have things that already smell like them in the new place.

question for cat owners 

@ashfurrow vets can give anti anxiety meds. If I make a big move again, that's what I'm going to do. Poor cat was sooooo unhappy with everything

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