I’m seeking opinions on a local network-available backup storage medium. All my machines would back up to this volume. I have a spare local machine running headless and I’m tempted to just plug in some external drives on a RAID 1 configuration, but should I get a NAS? Dunno.

@ashfurrow I'd just grab a Synology NAS with some kind of RAID and move on. The upshot is then that it gives you other home network options beyond backups


@JonYoder so yes, it would give me that, but wouldn’t a computer give me more options than a NAS because a computer is a more general-purpose machine?

@ashfurrow More options, yes, and more involved administration. One thing I love about those devices is that I can pretty easily and quickly set things up that would require more time doing by hand, like setting up SMB shares. I currently have a NUC as a home server and while it gives me more options, I just want easy administration. Different strokes, different folks. 🙃

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