My mother in law asked me to fix her computer. “It’s just really slow.” I haven’t used Windows since, uhhh, XP I guess? And like, Windows has just gotten more and more garbage since then.

Microsoft has a lot of crimes to pay for but wow, Windows really sucks 😭

A good deal of the blame here falls on Asus for installing a bunch of bloatware, but then, who set up the OEM deals to make that possible? Microsoft.

No one to blame for this awful keyboard but the French Canadians, though.

Just sell two SKUs for two languages, Asus, you cowards.

“In search of incredible?” Keep looking I guess [cw face]

@gbrnt things are speaking for me, are you getting any errors or anything?

@ashfurrow Nothing obvious - I've tried attaching a screenshot of what I'm seeing but it's also looking blank to me. So avatars are non-existent, and I can't see images except the blurred preview... aaand it's back.

This was happening on both my phone (Fedilab) and my desktop browser. Seems to be working again now!

@ashfurrow It started again. I checked the network tab, and requests to are getting 0B responses

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