I just hit Docker Hub's asinine rate-limiting. Well, *I* didn't hit it, my Docker-container-registry-as-a-service hit it, sooooo. Great. Deploys of m.t are currently blocked.

I cannot *WAIT* to get off this for the instance.

Docker is such a cool concept but between technical hurdles and everybody trying to make a buck, it sucks. Sorry to say it but Docker sucks.


You know what? I'm not sorry to say that Docker sucks. It does. I'm unapologetic, I'm full-throated: "Docker Sucks"

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Okay I do apologize to the Docker people, actually. It's just so frustrating, but I didn't mean to be mean.

@ashfurrow I moved us to the Hometown fork a few months back and took the opportunity to extract myself from Docker at the same time for this reason. Something supposed to make my life easier actually was just making it harder.

@hugh exactly, I’m glad to hear your experiences are similar. I’m planning to follow the normal setup instructions and migrate the database over. are there any resources you found helpful? any problems I should avoid?

@ashfurrow I set up a new VPS and then migrated the DB over - following the official docs for setting up a new instance and migrating a DB. It went surprisingly smoothly, except for a couple of issues - one was to do with Ruby dependencies that I believe has been fixed in a subsequent Mastodon release. The others are this postgres gotcha: github.com/mastodon/documentat and the certbot issue mentioned here: github.com/mastodon/documentat

@ashfurrow it's frustrating that the docs seem to have been abandoned somewhat - I don't want to moan about people not providing free labour, it's more that it's not super clear who is "in charge of" the docs and can make the decision to do the big overhaul I think is needed.

@hugh that’s all super-helpful, thank you 🙏 I’ve found the docs generally helpful, but I agree there are shortcomings which are specific to open source projects. I try to document what I learn as an admin in blog posts – try to help others avoid my mistakes.

@ashfurrow I've found the Discourse instance for masto admins extremely helpful - there's some really great people there helping others, and only very occasionally getting snippy with each other 😉

@ashfurrow saved my bacon with that arcane ruby dependency issue: "run these 3 weird commands in this exact order to uninstall and then install this slightly older gem and then..."

@ashfurrow I’m always glad to hear this cuz I always feel like it’s just me

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