I just hit Docker Hub's asinine rate-limiting. Well, *I* didn't hit it, my Docker-container-registry-as-a-service hit it, sooooo. Great. Deploys of m.t are currently blocked.

I cannot *WAIT* to get off this for the instance.

Docker is such a cool concept but between technical hurdles and everybody trying to make a buck, it sucks. Sorry to say it but Docker sucks.

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You know what? I'm not sorry to say that Docker sucks. It does. I'm unapologetic, I'm full-throated: "Docker Sucks"

Okay I do apologize to the Docker people, actually. It's just so frustrating, but I didn't mean to be mean.

containers (aka namespaces)? cool
all container technologies? uncool
@ashfurrow try lxd btw
it's basically lxc/kvm but utilizing full namespacing and with an ok api
they're not (yet) trying to make a buck
also podman (the docker api alternative implementation) has built-in support for alternative registries via a config file, including overriding what the non-prefixed stuff is

none of it is ideal
but there are slightly-less-terrible-than-moby ways of approaching the general stuff

@ashfurrow I’m always glad to hear this cuz I always feel like it’s just me

@ashfurrow It's quite rare to hear that; Whenever I have pointed out docker-related problems at work (I'm a Senior Software/Systems Architect) I get treated like I'm speaking heresy, have lost all touch with reality, and am just stuck in the past 😅 Thx for brightening my day a bit 🙂

@ashfurrow There was some other container registry for Docker images. Maybe I should switch to that...

@Gargron I might use another registry for the Dockerfile if I keep running into problems, as a workaround for now. But it has to be a registry that I trust, which has implications.

I'm out of office next week – hoping to move m.t off of Docker then. Using it made sense in 2017 but I'm comfortable enough with systems administration now that I'm not getting much value from it anymore.

@Gargron @ashfurrow That would be great, but requires a RH account, nowadays.

@sheogorath @ashfurrow I have a account, there was a mirror of our image on there though it's not up-to-date right now due to missing webhooks or something like that.

@Gargron @sheogorath I'm using to build images now, actually. they're the ones running into the Docker Hub rate limit 😆 Doesn't look like their registry has an "official" ubuntu image, just community-maintained ones.

@ashfurrow @Gargron AFAIK quay has no container library comparable to dockerhub on its own. If there are any official images, then these are vendor images, like RH's own images, keycloak, …

But their official recommendation is to mirror the base images from dockerhub and build things from there in your container images.

@ashfurrow @sheogorath Oh, I see. I am running into that now. I guess it's that's getting rate-limited.

@ashfurrow I have been using gitlab which has integrated CI and docker registry in the free version. I had couple of repos that rebuild on commit and uploaded image to local registry.

@ashfurrow Docker kinda sucks, but containers built to serve a niche purpose are super cool.

@ashfurrow "Everyone trying to make a buck" is where it lost its way a lot, honestly. (A fact that is itself reflected in a whoooooole lot of commercialized corporate productized open source, tbh)

@stevestreza yeah. Ironically enough, Swift on Linux getting distributed in Docker containers was one of the more exciting use cases for me. Not anything devops.

We migrated most of our Docker images to our own internal gitlab instance for that very reason

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