If I were to make a meme with the Gungan's from The Phantom Menace, should their dialogue be written on in Gungan patois, or is that problematic?

> Da speedest way tooda Naboo tis goen through de planet core.

I don't feel great hearing this line and I feel even worse seeing it written out :\

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this might end up being one of those "too weird to post anywhere but the fediverse" memes

@ashfurrow I guess if the piece of gungan is something strongly identified with the gunman’s (meesa for example) then it’s okay, but if it’s something from the obviously problematic idioms (g’wan) then no.

If any of that makes sense.

@ashfurrow If you're writing a movie or song for actual Jamaicans, and that's just how they talk, writing eye-speech patois is probably OK; show it to them and if they don't punch you, it's cool.

The honkie writers of the alleged prequel movies assigning it to dumb frog aliens whose purpose is to be laughed at, is super gross.

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