May 24, love a Monday off 🤩 Going to go for a nice bike ride today.


Queen Victoria was bad, but also, Victoria Day is good. A holiday of contrasts.

I think it’s really funny that Canada invented a holiday in the 1800’s just to mark the start of summer because, hey, winter here sucks and we can use a monarch’s birthday as an excuse to celebrate winter’s conclusion. But it never took off in the rest of the commonwealth: Victoria Day is just a Canadian thing.

Well, not in Québec but you get what I’m saying.

@ashfurrow lmao so I guess our thing is JUST QC then

@tost having recently moved home to Canada, I re-familiarized myself with the stat holidays, and a lot of them are like “X (Except one province), Y (Just that one province)”, and I think that’s beautiful

@ashfurrow funny how people need reasons to justify holidays

@ashfurrow I was just thinking about how
only freed enslaved people below the age of six, but not their parents (!)

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