I have purchased a bbq. My first ever bbq. I’m in my thirties and I’ve never even owned my own damn bbq, about damn time!

@ashfurrow Ooh fun! We gave away our BBQ when we moved last summer, and are looking for something now. What did you end up getting?

@angelostavrow I wanted a charcoal grill, and people recommended Weber so I got their base 22-inch model. I figure it’s best to get these early, since they might be in short supply once summer gets here 😄

@ashfurrow We had exactly that, the model with the fold-down side shelf. Performer series, I think? Anyways, it’s excellent. Get yourselves a charcoal chimney if you don’t already have one!

@ashfurrow That probably just means it’ll get to “ripping’ hot” searing temperatures faster!

Beyond the charcoal chimney, we also had steel baskets for maneuvering the charcoal around more easily. Handy accessory when you’re dealing with high temperatures. 🙂

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