First day of spring.

I’m hanging out on the deck. In my pyjamas. Enjoying a beverage as the sun slowly inches itself towards the horizon.

Wherever you are, I hope your first day of spring also achieves temperatures as high as... wow eight degrees, nice ☀️😎

at the risk of geolocating myself, today’s forecasted high temp is 15° holy moly 🌞

@tewha haha, no just a mild winter, apparently. my first winter in Canada since 2014, so it still felt cold 🥶

@ashfurrow I triangulated your location based of temperatures and it appears you're somewhere on the surface of the sun.

@ashfurrow We had rain last night so it's only g—oh, no, wait, it literally just refreshed, 29

@ashfurrow I remember late March being characterized by mid to late 20s

@tapi apparently this has been a mild winter, but it's been harsher than New York 😬 Things are cooling off again this weekend, but daily highs will still be above zero 🎉

@ashfurrow been mild here too. Typical April temps all March and the week of April 1st is forecast to be 17

@tapi @ashfurrow I do not miss the winters in that location, but I was looking up real-estate prices pretty jealously this week (not that spring is any warmer here, it's been high single-digits/low double-digits Celsius all week)

@bruceiv @tapi yeah, we are hoping that our current landlord could be our final landlord... lots of things need to happen first but we’ve started the ball rolling!

@bruceiv @ashfurrow can’t speak to Fredericton but in Winnipeg list prices have gone up 40-60k and selling spruces have gone from -5-10 to +20-40k since we bought 3 years ago

@tapi @bruceiv yeah that about matches what we’re seeing here. Average sale price is up 30% since the start of the pandemic, and we were lucky to get an offer accepted that was “only” 25k over 😵‍💫

@ashfurrow @tapi still better than Portland ... I think I could actually afford to buy a place in Freddy on my current nominal salary (which would be a pay cut after currency conversion). The odds of finding a job anywhere in NB where my PhD in CS is an asset, though?

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