humanity can invent multiple vaccines for a worldwide pandemic, but we still can’t end daylight saving time smdh

I honestly get pissed off when righteous anger about daylight saving time gets directed to an actually very good invention: time zones

sorry for the gendered language but you might not recognize the quote I’m referencing without it.

@ashfurrow take back the word man to mean person of either gender! force masc gender types back to using werman. it's cooler anyway.

@ashfurrow @saramg and while we're at it, abolish Celsius and Fahrenheit! Go kelvins or go home! 😉

@ashfurrow It's Negativland!

That's why we got to have computers, because man, nobody is perfect.

@ashfurrow I think the world should run on UTC directly and ignore local solar time. I'm sure that's an unpopular view.

@profoundlynerdy @ashfurrow I want all servers I touch running on UTC, and everything else on local solar time.

And I want governments to pick one damn timezone per TZ they cover and quit this jumping around.

What are we "saving" this daylight for, and can I make a withdrawal?

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