The Expanse spoilers 

Three seasons and I’ve realized that we’re basically just doing a realistic take on Stargate SG-1 huh?

I’m not even mad, this is amazing.

imo it would be even more amazing if Holden weren’t such a self-centred ass

The Expanse spoilers 

oh you know, discovering an alien network of ring-shaped wormhole transporters built by an extinct ancient civilization and using them to explore and colonize the galaxy, that ol’ chestnut

@ashfurrow We are *constantly* shouting at him to get off the stage so literally everyone else can be excellent


@aphyr okay so yes, her whole vibe, incredible.

he just takes everything and makes it about him. it’s like the writers want us to dislike him.

@ashfurrow I don't remember him being this obnoxious in the books! It's like he's the rock always stuck in the plot's current

@aphyr just bought the first book, looking forward to it! I hear it’s great.

@aphyr @ashfurrow THANK YOU holden and his hero complex is the worst part of the show! ... i think it's part of what has made the first part of the current season so great

The Expanse spoilers 

@ashfurrow That’s actually one of the things that slowly changes in the series, I thought.

The Expanse spoilers 

@tewha he started out okay but got broody. (makes sense!) then Naomi was telling him about loosing her child, and he was kind of a jerk! I hope it improves.

@ashfurrow Holden's great for plot, though: If there's a way to fuck everything up by pushing buttons, telling the truth, or opening things that shouldn't be opened, he'll do it. Then everyone else follows behind as damage control.

I mostly just watch for Amos and Avasarala, somewhat Bobby.

Alex was a square in the books, too, and then the actor was a problem. Naomi's a lot taller and tougher in the books. There's a whole season I can't stand because of Preachy Anna, who's a minor book char.

@ashfurrow I don't know The Expanse so I thought we were talking about Catcher in the Rye for a second.

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