family + 

part of moving home is me re-integrating into my family, and part of that is being their tech support again. I know it’ll probably get on my nerves eventually but in the mean time I am genuinely happy to be back in a place I can use my skills to help out (within covid restrictions).


family + / money 

my grandmother is using an iPad that won’t install anything newer than iOS 7, so, I’ve got a new iPad set up for her with accessibility options tuned just for her.

family + / money 

@ashfurrow See, you have to start charging now before you get crabby. :-P

family + / money 

@ashfurrow @gudenau I'm glad for you (and mildly jealous) that you get to see your family, but I agree on not charging family members for tech support in general: it makes it a financial transaction at much less than your usual hourly rate, and you feel ripped off in a way you don't if it's a gift to someone you care about.

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