today I tried to explain to my father the concept of a “custom emoji”

@ashfurrow that's not so bad
I'd do it like this

so you know how there are official emojis?
who decides what gets to be one and what doesn't?
some random people in suits that probably don't even use them
wouldn't it be nice if you could decide what gets to be one and what doesn't, in your little corner?
well that's what custom emojis are
@ashfurrow did it go something along the lines of
"its like custom buttons for your jacket, that you can make yourself as a way to better suit you. only digitally and with pictures that express something you feel is missing in the buttons already available"

thats how i tried to explain it to my mom

@ashfurrow I wish I could get a few characters into Unicode.

A couple control ones and a couple languages.

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