these all arrived vacuum-packed and got a soak in my bathtub, in batches, then a trip in the dryer. just airing out overnight now ๐Ÿคฉ

panels are going up! already sounds way less echo-y in here. unfortunately I miscalculated how many command strips I would need, so I need to make a hardware store run.

the difference isn't as perceptible on the rode microphone, but I can hear a big difference on the webcam mic

acoustic foam with the webcam mic [cw ec]

it occurs to me that having a large, flat light behind the webcam probably doesn't help it's audio quality....


this might seem like overkill, and it probably is a bit, but I'm going to be working remotely for the foreseeable future and I want a space where coworkers can hear me clearly, and where I *know* that they can hear me clearly

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I start my new job on Monday, which I'm really excited for! but also, when I interviewed for the job, several interviewers commented on the poor video quality. turns out a lightbulb had burned out in my room and I didn't notice ๐Ÿ˜ฌ I recorded some audio with the headset I was using and played it back, and I didn't like ittttt

still got the job, but I never again want to feel like home office setup is limiting my ability to communicate effectively


@ashfurrow I donโ€™t even have a camera yet but Iโ€™m definitely getting pressure from nearly everyone to get one


@matthew itโ€™s tricky. I use mine selectively โ€“ there are some meetings where people just donโ€™t need to see me. but I also lead (or, used to lead) many meetings and had many one-on-ones, and it made a positive difference there for everyone else. I felt more present, too.


@ashfurrow Good to hear that you're getting it all sorted. New jobs are always fun once you get past the 1st day paperwork. The WFH setup is always work in progress.

@ashfurrow nice!

A rock band mic on a mic boom has been phenomenal for me.

Podcast mic of middling quality is probably even better.

Honestly people say I sound like a radio announcer it's so clear.

@lilithelotor yessss this is what I want. also I occasionally record sining/guitar and I want this to work for that too

@ashfurrow I love in a low rent apartment building and people are throwing all this good stuff out. Some is really retro/old but some is perfectly new.

@ashfurrow sounds great. Will you be tweaking the back light? Or adding some front light to balance it out? Great setup.

@j_angliss thanks! Iโ€™ll probably keep playing with it but itโ€™s mostly where I want it to be now.

@ashfurrow Honestly, it takes so little effort to just test the audio to make sure you sound human. So many people /don't/ do that.

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